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1. Register an account at ConnectPlus

Register a secure ConnectPlus account using your preferred authentication method.

2. Create a profile

Tell us about yourself:

  • Types of investments you may be interested in making.
  • Potential size of any investment into South Australia.
  • Specific investment considerations and factors or other details you want us to know (optional)
  • Industry sectors you are interested investing in. (We will assume these are the sectors you chose in your general profile unless you tell us otherwise.)

You can also request that one of our investment specialists (Business Development Managers) contact you to discuss your investment interests.

3. Save your profile

We’ll receive an email when you create a profile as an investor. Your profile is instantly created - we don’t formally check your bona fides. We don’t make your investment interests public or announce you as an investor.

4. Find out more about investment opportunities

Project opportunities listed on Invest In South Australia allow investors to request more information by submitting a request to “Find out more”. When you do this we receive an email with your request to review. We may contact you by email or phone during our review process e.g. if the project organisation requested this happen, we will do this for all requests before approving.

Some investment opportunities may not have additional information viewable or downloadable from the listed Project Brief. You may gain access to additional information once you decide to connect with project organisations, either directly yourself or with help from our Business Development Managers.

Some investment opportunities may be unlisted. We may contact you by email or phone to tell you about them and why we think these opportunities might be of interest to you.

Please review the Terms and conditions before proceeding.

Investor sign up