US RangeMe Promotion

The department is seeking expressions of interest to receive sponsorship for RangeMe Premium Account fees for a 12-month subscription for 20 South Australian food, beverage, health and beauty and pet goods’ companies into the United States market. This funding is provided by the South Australian Government.

  • The Premium Accounts give suppliers VIP access to all retail campaigns and submission opportunities.  In addition, Premium Accounts have the highest product placement above all Starter and Free accounts.   

  • An added benefit of Premium Accounts is access to Nielsen IQ sales data for your product category. This data provides insights for your product category performance in the US Market.   

  • Increase your brand awareness in the United States to drive commercial outcomes for your brand. 

RangeMe is a leading product discovery, sourcing, and purchasing platform that connects retailers and suppliers. It allows retailers to discover new products and manage product submissions, while suppliers can showcase their products and connect with relevant buyers.  

  • Exposure to Retailers: Participating suppliers gain access to thousands of retail buyers, expanding their market reach. Including opportunities to participate in special product promotions offered via the platform.  

  • Streamlined Discovery: Retailers efficiently find new products, benefiting suppliers by increasing visibility. 

  • Relationship Building: Direct connections enable businesses to negotiate deals and foster relationships with retailers. 

  • Industry Insights: RangeMe offers valuable market data and consumer insights to help businesses understand trends and preferences within their specific category 
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1 Jul 2024 - 1 Jul 2024 Food, wine and agribusiness, Health and medical industries Americas Virtual