Registering a project for the catalogue

Register your project as an investment opportunity and we’ll help you promote it to investors across the world. We do this for free, at no cost to you. You may be seeking equity or debt finance or you may need anchor clients or off-take contracts to secure finance. Either way we’ll help you get your project moving. We attract international investors via our digital channels and our Business Development Managers (BDMs) will work together with you to match the right investor to your project and help connect you to make a deal happen.

The process

1. Register as an Investee with ConnectPlus

Register a ConnectPlus account and select the Investee User Type. If you are already registered but not an investee we will update your profile when you click start below.

2. Create a Project Brief

Tell investors about your project:

  • Describe it sufficiently for investors to understand the project.
  • Clearly state what you need from them.
  • Upload images and video if you have them.
  • Provide location details (optional) so we can put it on a map.
  • Upload any other project information that you want investors to download.

You can save your project as a draft and work on it until you are ready to submit.

3. State your disclosure preferences

We are careful with your information. When you create your Project Brief you’ll need to decide if it is visible to the public or if some or all of it is kept private.

Some details can be disclosed to registered investors only, after they request to find out more and are approved:

  • Primary contact and organisation details. Public, or visible only on request by investors.
  • Downloadable project information. Available only on request by investors.

Or you can keep the Project Brief entirely private and we’ll work together with you discreetly to match the right investor to your project.

4. Submit your project for review

We will review your Project Brief and work with you to make sure it is ready for investors.

5. Approval and listing

We communicate with you via email as you create, save, submit and revise your project. Our BDMs may contact you directly during the review and revision process. We will always confirm by email after your project has been approved by us for listing (in accordance with your disclosure preferences).

Please review the Terms and conditions before proceeding.

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