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Export Fundamentals Workshops

How to apply

Complete an expression of interest to the Ai Group who deliver the program on behalf of the South Australian Government.Express your interest


The Export Fundamentals Program is a South Australian Government initiative to help businesses based in the state to get started or expand their existing exports to reach new customers and markets.

The Program provides new or current exporters with the tools, connections and confidence to successfully target international markets and integrates online delivery and resources, using tools such as a digital learning platform, webinars and video conferencing and also offers access to high quality coaching and mentoring specialists.

Participants can access training and support related to the following topics to support export growth:

  • Export foundations – strategy preparation and planning for export
  • Market selection
  • Market entry strategies
  • Market research
  • Export costings, pricing and risk
  • Managing foreign exchange transaction
  • Export marketing plan development
  • Distribution strategy
  • Export logistics and documentation
  • Marketing your business for overseas
  • Effective international sales pitches.

More channels are also offered through the program:

  • SA export fundamentals knowledge centre – access to a suite of information, tools and connections to help businesses grow their exports
  • Export advice line – practical advice to help businesses with export inquiries over the phone
  • Export fundamentals online workshops – takes you, step by step, through each of the key areas relating to goods exporting, and will help you develop an export plan for your business
  • Bespoke training events – a series of learning modules to meet industry or sector specific export needs
  • Free training webinars – a series of webinars with a focus on emerging opportunities and new channels to market, including eCommerce and cross border sales
  • Program alumni & networking events – for participants to build their network and learn from each other to support their overall export journey
  • Masterclasses – bespoke learning modules on the use of social media, and eCommerce platforms and marketplaces to expand global reach
    *This service is available at a reduced rate of $110 (GST Inc) per participant
  • Free one-hour coaching – on-demand and by appointment, work with the Ai Group’s trade advisers and consultants to define your export strategy and position your business for success. Businesses can access tailored solutions and advice to enhance skills and support their individual export growth journey.

Contact us

Contact the Ai Group who deliver the program on behalf of the South Australian Government.

Ai Group
P: 1300 776063
E: exportSA@aigroup.com.au